Participants say

Critical Thinking and Vedanta

The entire approach of going down from basics and connecting each and every concept beautifully with detailed information and explanation. Could understand the deeper meaning of Bhagavad Gita.

- Dr. Deepa Verma, Academician

Knowledge was presented from ancient texts and well-adapted to contemporary situations including the Vedanta formula for critical thinking, and aspects that one needs to watch out for on the road to develop critical thinking. Explanation given was excellent!

- Sangeetha Chakravarti, Mentor

Got a lucid and contemporary explanation of the concepts.

- Lakshmi Shankaranarayananan, Finance Head

Every aspect is valuable. It is precious knowledge.

- Jyoti Makkar, Student

Mapping the theoretical into the practical world. Tough concepts are explained in easy and understandable words.

- Narayanan, Independent Consultant

The nature of being a true human taught in the sessions like the gunas, dharma, etc are really helpful and useful in the current modern world. Thanks to the Guru.

- Varsha Patnaik, Research Scholar

The subject is a vast one. But appreciate the unique points chosen and highlighted. It will help to inculcate the habit of analysis of every aspect of our life, maybe anyone from any varna or any ashrama.

- Ganesh Dattatraya Kulkarni, Retired Banker

My current role calls for coaching senior leadership on critical thinking and this program gave me new thinking directions.

- Vetrivel Janakiraman, Director at an MNC

Sampath Iyengar was sound in his knowledge. He was engaging by his choice of words. He used his words prudently. He didn't name anyone. He didn't judge anyone. It's all up to us to choose. Had he judged, it would have ended the purpose of the presentation.

- Prashant Kumar, Student

Great program, enjoyed every minute of the session!

- Naveen Sarawgi, MD of an Automobile Firm

Every investigative litigation is an exercise in critical thinking. In fact, this program can be delivered in law schools as well!

- Aswin Prabhu, Practicing Lawyer, India

Thanks to Open Pathshala and to Sampath Iyengar for the fascinating and self reflective session!!

- Debojyoti Bhattacharjee, Educator

It was a great topic and discussion. Fresh and different perspective.

- Ramesh Naidu Meesala, IT Professional

Practical Bhagavad Gita

Rate this program 5/5 on all aspects. Got insights in recognizing and utilizing forces of nature.

- Vishal Mirchandani - Chief Executive Officer, Puravankara Group

Was a pleasure to participate in the Vedanta program. Helped in understanding my potential as much as the richness of Vedanta in bringing about transformation.

- Prof. H. Purohit - Dean, Management and Law School, Banasthali University

I have just finished listening to your program for the 2nd time. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do so. Thank you for shedding so much light on this important topic of leadership and the Vedic paradigm.

- Prana Dasa (Paul O'Sullivan), ISKCON Australia

The Vedanta @Work program is a fantastic insight into modern day challenges we face in organisations. It offers a great way to learn and apply the principles to your corporate life. Would highly recommend it to anyone in management looking to get the best out of themselves and their colleagues.

- Jai Asundi, B.Tech, PhD. Executive Director CSTEP - A policy think tank

Vedanta @Work is a great program. It instilled equanimity and self awareness in my professional space while troubleshooting difficult problems. Kudos for this innovative initiative.

- Asvin Prabhu, Practicing Lawyer, India

Spirituality is the base for everything. Sampathji has profoundly explained how this spiritual consciousness is defined and applied in worldly affairs, ethically.

- Sindhu Devi K, Art and Fashion Blogger